A Demonstration of Compaq Presario 2150LA Chipset Driver Utility For Windows 7

In the general computer system, chipset drivers are one of the most important drivers that enable the chipset to function properly with microprocessors and this component and its driver must be present for the computer system to effect good communication between the processor and the external devices effectively.

There exist different brands of computer systems including but not limited to the following; HP, Dell, Compaq, Lenovo, Sony, IBM, LG etc, but with respect to the topic of this article, we will focus on Compaq Presario 2150LA Chipset Driver Utility For Windows 7.

There exist two types of this brand of chipset device and they are Intel and AMD but the most prominent one used is the Intel because of its more advanced features and advantages.

In a Compaq Presario computer system, If you are having difficulty with any of your computer hardware like keyboard, mouse, touchpad etc not responding as normal as it should when in use and their updates doesn’t solve the issue, then it is most likely the chipset problem, either it needs change or update. If this is suspected, there exists http://www.dgtsoft.org/ or other subordinate ones where once can search out the specifications and download the installation chipset driver utility for update. For more information on this specific type of chipset driver, below are the recommended specifications that must be fulfilled for the driver to work properly as well as its update.

compaq-screenshot compaq-screenshot2


Name: Compaq Presario, Rating: 4.0 windows experienced index.


Name: windows 7


512MB minimum (recommended)

Manufacturer Type: Intel Pentium T3000 @ 2.5GHZ
Type: L2 Cache, Installed Size: 512 KB, Cache Per Processor: 512 KB

Chipset Type: Intel 865G, Data Bus Speed: 533 MHz Ram, Installed Size: 512 MB/2 GB (max)
Technology: DDR SDRAM
Memory Speed: 333 MHz
Hard Drive: 40 GB (min) ATA-100 – 7200 rpm
Type: CD-ROM – IDE, Read Speed: 48x
These statistics listed above are the minimum requirements needed before such update can be done to avoid any performance issues.

On a final note, the Compaq Presario chipset 2150LA drivers are seldom updated once in a lifetime unlike other hardware that requires updates frequently.