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Brother Drivers Update Utility

Brother Drivers Update Utility updates your system drivers for Brother devices automatically with just several clicks.

It will scan your system first then download and install Brother official drivers to let your Brother device work properly.

The software is free for scanning and no time limit.

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Why choose us:

Industry Leading Scan Technology. Using the most accurate and comprehensive Driver Scanning Engine (DSE) in the world, Drivers Update Utility Series are built from the ground up using the latest technology with over 10 years' experience in the driver scanning/detection industry.

Machine Intelligence. Drivers Update Utility Machine Intelligence identifies your specific computer to provide you with the most accurate drivers available. Manufacturers supported by Drivers Update Utility include: Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, and more.

Largest Drivers Database. We have the largest drivers database in the world which contains more than 1,000, 000 drivers and is rapidly increasing day by day.

24x7 Technical Support. Free technical support from a team of experts who helped develop the product! 24-hour turnaround time.

Wide system compatibility. Guaranteed to be fully compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 7.


How to update drivers with Brother Driver Update Utility?

Step 1 -> Click the "Start Scan" button to scan your system drivers and find the out-dated drivers automatically.

Step 2 -> After scanning, the out-dated drivers will be found. Click the "Download" and "Install" to update your drivers.

All Brother device drivers supported below:

Printers (HL and MW series)
Drivers DCP-1000     Drivers DCP-110C
Drivers DCP-120c     Drivers DCP-1400
Drivers DCP-7020     Drivers DCP-7030
Drivers DCP-7040     Drivers DCP-8020
Drivers DCP-8025D     Drivers DCP-8040
Drivers DCP-8045D     Drivers DCP-8060
Drivers DCP-8065DN     Drivers DCP-8080DN
Drivers DCP-8085DN     Drivers DCP-9040CN
Drivers DCP-9045CDN     Drivers HL-1040
Drivers HL-1050     Drivers HL-1060
Drivers HL-1230     Drivers HL-1240
Drivers HL-1250     Drivers HL-1260
Drivers HL-1270N     Drivers HL-1435
Drivers HL-1440     Drivers HL-1450
Drivers HL-1470N     Drivers HL-1650
Drivers HL-1650N     Drivers HL-1650NPLUS
Drivers HL-1660     Drivers HL-1660E
Drivers HL-1660N     Drivers HL-1670N
Drivers HL-1850     Drivers HL-1870n
Drivers HL-2040     Drivers HL-2060
Drivers HL-2070N     Drivers HL-2140
Drivers HL-2170W     Drivers HL-2400C
Drivers HL-2400CEN     Drivers HL-2400CN
Drivers HL-2460     Drivers HL-2460N
Drivers HL-2600CN     Drivers HL-2700CN
Drivers HL-3400CN     Drivers HL-3450CN
Drivers HL-4000CN     Drivers HL-4040CDN
Drivers HL-4040CN     Drivers HL-4070CDW
Drivers HL-4200CN     Drivers HL-5040
Drivers HL-5050     Drivers HL-5050LT
Drivers HL-5070N     Drivers HL-5140
Drivers HL-5150D     Drivers HL-5150DLT
Drivers HL-5170DN     Drivers HL-5170DNLT
Drivers HL-5240     Drivers HL-5250DN
Drivers HL-5250DNT     Drivers HL-5280DW
Drivers HL-5340D     Drivers HL-5370DW
Drivers HL-5370DWT     Drivers HL-6050D
Drivers HL-6050DN     Drivers HL-7050
Drivers HL-7050N     Drivers HL-720
Drivers HL-730     Drivers HL-730DX
Drivers HL-730PLUS     Drivers HL-760
Drivers HL-760PLUS     Drivers HL-8050N
Drivers HL-960     Drivers MFCP-2000
Drivers MFC-P2500     Drivers MW100
Drivers MW120     Drivers MW140BT
Drivers MW260     Drivers WL-660
Multi-Function Center  (MFC and DCP series)
Drivers DCP-1000     Drivers DCP-110C
Drivers DCP-120c     Drivers DCP-130C
Drivers DCP-1400     Drivers DCP-165C
Drivers DCP-330C     Drivers DCP-375CW
Drivers DCP-385C     Drivers DCP-585CW
Drivers DCP-7020     Drivers DCP-7030
Drivers DCP-7040     Drivers DCP-8020
Drivers DCP-8025D     Drivers DCP-8040
Drivers DCP-8045D     Drivers DCP-8060
Drivers DCP-8065DN     Drivers DCP-8080DN
Drivers DCP-8085DN     Drivers DCP-9040CN
Drivers DCP-9045CDN     Drivers MFC-1870MC
Drivers MFC-1970MC     Drivers MFC-210C
Drivers MFC-230C     Drivers MFC-240C
Drivers MFC-250C     Drivers MFC-255CW
Drivers MFC-290C     Drivers MFC-295CN
Drivers MFC-3100C     Drivers MFC-3200C
Drivers MFC-3220C     Drivers MFC-3240C
Drivers MFC-3320CN     Drivers MFC-3340CN
Drivers MFC-3360C     Drivers MFC-3420C
Drivers MFC-3820CN     Drivers MFC-3900ML
Drivers MFC-390MC     Drivers MFC-420CN
Drivers MFC-4300     Drivers MFC-4350
Drivers MFC-4400ML     Drivers MFC-440CN
Drivers MFC-4420C     Drivers MFC-4450
Drivers MFC-4500ML     Drivers MFC-4550
Drivers MFC-4600     Drivers MFC-4650
Drivers MFC-465CN     Drivers MFC-4800
Drivers MFC-4820C     Drivers MFC-490CW
Drivers MFC-5100C     Drivers MFC-5200C
Drivers MFC-5440CN     Drivers MFC-5460CN
Drivers MFC-5490CN     Drivers MFC-5500ML
Drivers MFC-5550ML     Drivers MFC-5840CN
Drivers MFC-5860CN     Drivers MFC-5890CN
Drivers MFC-620CN     Drivers MFC-640CW
Drivers MFC-6490CW     Drivers MFC-6550MC
Drivers MFC-6650MC     Drivers MFC-665CW
Drivers MFC-6800     Drivers MFC-685CW
Drivers MFC-6890CDW     Drivers MFC-7000FC
Drivers MFC-7050C     Drivers MFC-7150C
Drivers MFC-7160C     Drivers MFC-7200FC
Drivers MFC-7220     Drivers MFC-7225N
Drivers MFC-7300C     Drivers MFC-7340
Drivers MFC-7345N     Drivers MFC-7400C
Drivers MFC-7420     Drivers MFC-7440N
Drivers MFC-7550MC     Drivers MFC-7650MC
Drivers MFC-7750     Drivers MFC-7820N
Drivers MFC-7840W     Drivers MFC-790CW
Drivers MFC-820CW     Drivers MFC-8220
Drivers MFC-8300     Drivers MFC-8420
Drivers MFC-8440     Drivers MFC-845CW
Drivers MFC-8460N     Drivers MFC-8480DN
Drivers MFC-8500     Drivers MFC-8600
Drivers MFC-8640D     Drivers MFC-8660DN
Drivers MFC-8670DN     Drivers MFC-8700
Drivers MFC-8820D     Drivers MFC-8820DN
Drivers MFC-8840D     Drivers MFC-8840DN
Drivers MFC-885CW     Drivers MFC-8860DN
Drivers MFC-8870DW     Drivers MFC-8890DW
Drivers MFC-9100C     Drivers MFC-9420CN
Drivers MFC-9440CN     Drivers MFC-9450CDN
Drivers MFC-9600     Drivers MFC-9700
Drivers MFC-970MC     Drivers MFC-9800
Drivers MFC-9840CDW     Drivers MFC-990CW
Label Printers (Brother QL series)
Drivers Brother QL-1050     Drivers Brother QL-1050N
Drivers Brother QL-1060N     Drivers Brother QL-500
Drivers Brother QL-550     Drivers Brother QL-570
Drivers Brother QL-580N     Drivers Brother QL-650TD
Drivers MW100     Drivers MW120
Drivers MW140BT     Drivers MW260
Home Sewing and Embroidery
Drivers 1034D     Drivers 2340CV
Drivers 3034D     Drivers BES Embroidery Lettering Software
Drivers CS-100T     Drivers CS-6000
Drivers CS-6000B     Drivers CS-6000i
Drivers CS-6000T     Drivers CS-80
Drivers CS-8060     Drivers CS-8072
Drivers CS-8150     Drivers Duetta? 4500D
Drivers ES-2000     Drivers ES-2000T
Drivers EX-660     Drivers HE-120
Drivers HE-240     Drivers Innov-ís 1000
Drivers Innov-ís 1200     Drivers Innov-ís 1500D
Drivers Innov-ís 2500D     Drivers Innov-ís 40
Drivers Innov-ís 4000D     Drivers Innov-ís 500D
Drivers Innov-ís 80     Drivers LS-1217
Drivers LS-1520     Drivers LS-1717
Drivers LS-2020     Drivers LS-2125
Drivers LS-2125i     Drivers NX-200
Drivers NX-250     Drivers NX-400
Drivers NX-400Q     Drivers NX-450
Drivers NX-450Q     Drivers NX-600
Drivers NX-650Q     Drivers Pacesetter? PS21
Drivers PC-210     Drivers PC-420
Drivers PC-6500     Drivers PC-8500
Drivers PC-8500D     Drivers PE-150V
Drivers PE-170D     Drivers PE-180D
Drivers PE-300S     Drivers PE-700
Drivers PE-700II     Drivers PE-750D
Drivers PED-BASIC     Drivers PEDESIGN 2.0
Drivers PEDESIGN 4.0     Drivers PEDESIGN 5.0
Drivers PEDESIGN 6.0     Drivers PEDESIGN 7.0
Drivers PEDESIGN 8.0     Drivers PEDESIGN LITE
Drivers PQ-1500S     Drivers PR-600
Drivers PR-600II     Drivers PR-620
Drivers PS-3100     Drivers PS-3700
Drivers QC-1000     Drivers Quattro?6000D – New!
Drivers SE-270D     Drivers ULT-2001
Drivers ULT-2001C     Drivers ULT-2001N
Drivers ULT-2002D     Drivers ULT-2003D
Drivers XL-2600     Drivers XL-2600i
Drivers XL-2610     Drivers XL-3500
Drivers XL-3500i     Drivers XL-3500T
Drivers XL-3510     Drivers XL-3750
Drivers XL-5130     Drivers XL-5232
Drivers XL-5340     Drivers XL-5500
Drivers XL-5600     Drivers XL-5700
Drivers XL-6452     Drivers XL-6562
Drivers XR-52C     Drivers XR-65T
Drivers XR-7700
Fax Machines (Fax and Intellifax series)
Drivers IntelliFax-1800C     Drivers IntelliFax-1820C
Drivers IntelliFax-1840C     Drivers IntelliFax-1860C
Drivers IntelliFax-1920CN     Drivers IntelliFax-1940CN
Drivers IntelliFax-1960C     Drivers IntelliFax-2440C
Drivers IntelliFax-2480C     Drivers IntelliFax-2580C
Drivers IntelliFax-2750     Drivers IntelliFax-2820
Drivers IntelliFax-2900     Drivers IntelliFax-2920
Drivers IntelliFax-3750     Drivers IntelliFax-3800
Drivers IntelliFax-4100     Drivers IntelliFax-4100e
Drivers IntelliFax-4750     Drivers IntelliFax-4750e
Drivers IntelliFax-5750     Drivers IntelliFax-5750e
Drivers SC-2000     Drivers SC-300PC
Drivers SC-900
Ptouch Labelers (PT series)
Drivers PT-1000
Drivers PT-1010     Drivers PT-1180
Drivers PT-1230PC     Drivers PT-1280
Drivers PT-1400     Drivers PT-1500PC
Drivers PT-1600     Drivers PT-1650
Drivers PT-1700     Drivers PT-1750
Drivers PT-1800     Drivers PT-1810
Drivers PT-1830     Drivers PT-1880
Drivers PT-18R     Drivers PT-1900
Drivers PT-1910     Drivers PT-1950
Drivers PT-1960     Drivers PT-2100
Drivers PT-2300     Drivers PT-2310
Drivers PT-2400     Drivers PT-2410
Drivers PT-2430PC     Drivers PT-2500PC
Drivers PT-2600     Drivers PT-2610
Drivers PT-2700     Drivers PT-2710
Drivers PT-3600     Drivers PT-65
Drivers PT-70     Drivers PT-7100
Drivers PT-7500     Drivers PT-7600
Drivers PT-80     Drivers PT-9200DX
Drivers PT-9200PC     Drivers PT-9500PC
Drivers PT-9600     Drivers PT-PC

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