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Multi Webcam Cast V3.9

Capture images from webcams and watch live online together with the remote desktop simultaneously.

Multi-webcam Cast(MWC) includes MWC-Server and MWC-Client. MWC-Server captures images from any capture devices including USB cameras, TV cards and analog devices, and then broadcasts the live video all over the network. MWC-Client receives the broadcasting and displays up to 9 webcams simultaneously on your own screen. Besides, the client can connect to the server's desktop and operate it using local mouse and keyboard as if being in front of the server.

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Key features:

  • Capture images up to 30 frames per second.
  • Display up to 36 remote webcams simualtaneously.
  • And display up to 9 screens simultaneously.
  • Use your own keyboard and mouse to control remote desktop if you like.

What can you do with Multi Webcam Cast?

Lots of things! Our customers are using Multi Webcam Cast for a variety of tasks: teaching in several classrooms simultaneously, monitoring servers, collaborating with a co-worker, presenting your work to your fellow workers, and more.

  • Employee Networks
  • Call Center Environment
  • Data Entry Environment
  • Corporate Intranet
  • Government Network
  • City or County Intranet

  • Student Networks
  • Classroom of PC's
  • Computer Lab
  • Entire School Network
  • School District Intranet
  • College or University Labs

Teach in several classrooms simultaneously. If you are a teacher , using Multi-webcam Cast, you can teach in one classroom(or even in your office) and broadcast your screen,video and sound to several classrooms.

Educators needing to monitor and control the computers in their classroom also use it . See an instant snapshot of their screen to make sure they are working and not surfing the internet or playing games. Lock their PC and much more.

Parents who need to monitor and control their home network are also users of this software. Your child will think twice about doing something naughty online if they know you can see everything they do. View an instant screenshot, block web sites or applications and do many other useful tasks.

Download FAQ file here: MWC_FAQ.PDF

Download PAD file here: pad_file.xml

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